Family Heritage

This project involves reconfiguring a historic farmstead in the grounds of a 17th Century Grade 2 Listed House to provide two dwellings with stables, tack room, covered storage and renewable energy plant.

The farmstead has evolved in a piecemeal manner over time since tithe map documentary evidence in 1843. The initial stages of the project were spent unpicking this historical jigsaw. With the help of Archaeology South-East, it was possible to identify the areas of particular significance and to identify later structures that detract from the farmstead.

As part of a masterplan design and by proposing to replace the later unsatisfactory additions we have been able to retain the key historic structures close to their originally intended state and provide new replacement buildings for the larger dwelling, the stables, plant room and lean- to structure of the converted granary.

Planning dialogue and Pre-Application discussions enabled a detailed and well-supported application to be submitted. As part of a phased approach, we will be able to use the first phase of works to focus on the buildings that are in the most need of rehabilitation.

Long term sustainability has been integral to the design and we have developed the “agricultural vernacular” to provide buildings that have in- built future-proofing flexibility by designing structures and spaces that can allow multiple uses in the future.

Together with flexibility, the designs have been environmentally modelled to test various scenarios for energy losses, daylighting levels, overheating and natural ventilation requirements. All of these aspects are underpinned and integrated by having a degree of centralised plant using renewable energy sources.


Masterplan – an overview of the whole site with a Phased redevelopment – preserve & bring back into viable use.

Heritage Assets – working with ASE + planners to understand the importance of the Heritage Assets – protecting the essence of historic buildings + Landscape (Trees).

Extensive Consultant Team – Structural Engineer, Environmental (M+E) Engineer, Historic Building Consultant

Future Proofing – Buildings and Spaces have been designed to allow for more than one use – similar to the agricultural barn which can be subdivided and altered as required.

Sustainable Thinking, Thermal Modelling + Renewable Energy Strategy – Sunlight / energy demands.